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Darryl Laycock was released from Prison in March 2011. When released on licence he was deemed a very high risk of harm to known adults, so he was a subjected to be MAPPA 3 Tier 4 nominal, which is the highest an offender can be.



2019 WINNER:


It all started with a promise…

Just before I was released I made a promise to my family that I would never go back to jail having spent over 12 years prior in 19 different establishments for most gang related offences. I was offending from my early teens however as I got older my offences were a lot more serious and were affecting more people directly and indirectly. Through the life I was living I lost over 30 friends and family. I was involved in a lot of violence and as a result of this I was shot on 3 occasions which resulted in me receiving over 20 bullet wounds. I was also stabbed 7 times.








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Awards and nominations

National Diversity Award 2019 Winner Positive Role Model

BAFTA 2019 for GUN NO6

MCC Be Proud Awards Nominee 2017

MCC Be Proud Awards Community Force Finalist 2016

National Diversity Award 2016 Finalist Positive Role Model

No Offence Nominee Inspirational Individual 2015

MCC Be Proud Awards Nominee Unsung Hero 2015

National Diversity Award 2014 Nominee Positive Role Model

Q&A with award winning Darryl

Darryl was in prison in 2011 when informed that an immediate family member was subjected to serious assault. The family member had the strength to ask him to quit crime and this is what he did. Darryl was previously a major player in gangs of Manchester having been shot on 3 occasions, stabbed 7 times and sentenced to 17 years jail. Today, he’s a highly respected rehabilitated ex-offender who is passionate about educating children on the perils of crime. Darryl has educated over 160,000 children and young people. 80% of his work is done free of charge and he travels across the UK to empower youngsters to follow their dream. His work has been recognised far and wide having recently played a part in the BAFTA winning Gun No6 and advising HRH Prince Charles on ways to combat knife crime. Darryl also donated over 6000 packs of sanitary towels to help combat period poverty amongst schoolgirls in Manchester.


What were your thoughts on the other shortlisted nominees within your category?

I found each and every one of them truly inspirational and in my opinion any one of us who were shortlisted could’ve been chosen to win this prestigious award

What were your thoughts after winning The Positive Role Model Award for Race/Faith/Religion?

Truly amazed. I finally realised that I am accepted as I thought all along that because of my past I wasn’t really accepted or valued and now I have faith that I am worthy.

What reaction have you received from supporters/fellow employees since winning the award?

The reaction has been truly overwhelming by all who know me even those who don’t know me have sent me messages of support and encouragement. I have received messages from all over the world if truth be known.

Now that you have won a National Diversity Award, where are you going to go from here? What are your next steps?

The work just continues and will forever. I have been taking my winners trophy into schools and it has been seen by over 2000 students already and hopefully Ill work and show it to 100000 more students before next years awards when I am in attendance at 2020 NDA.

In your own words, how do you feel the work you are carrying out is making a difference?

To be honest I don’t give myself enough credit for the work I do its only now after being awarded I am able to see the work is invaluable and definitely saves lives and prevents youngsters from following the path I followed at an early age.

Why do you think it is important to highlight Diversity, Equality and Inclusion?

If its not highlighted then we as a minority are the forgotten when we put just as much back into the sectors as others do. Thank god the NDA’s was formed you have given the lost voices a voice we can scream with.

Who or What is your inspiration?

My real life inspirations are Mac Ferarri the founder of bikestormz this individual is amazing for all he does for the youth around the world. My other inspirations is the founder of TWINZZ Arf & Jez. These brothers have paved the way for others like the youngsters to follow in the fashion industry. These brothers came from close to where I grew up and started with 6 hats and the rest is history. Whilst they inspire me greatly these are the only people who help me to facilitate so much work up and down the UK as I am not funded by nobody else.

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